TRIGGER 「Last Dimension」

【アイナナ】TRIGGER Last Dimension lastdimension-trigger-main
九条天 (CV.斉藤壮馬)
Tenn Kujo (CV. Sōma Saitō)

十龍之介 (CV.佐藤拓也)
Tsunashi Ryunosuke (CV. Takuya Sato)

八乙女楽 (CV.渉羽多野)
Yaotome Gaku (CV. Wataru Hatano) 



Lyrics:Yūki Aira



(天)パズルエリア ひしめく boys and girl

闇に潜むは 妖しのsilhouette

(三人)Who are you?

(楽)パズル感じ 聞こえる足音


(三人)Who are you?


(龍之介) 早く早く 見極めろよ
(三人) moving moving moving…

踊ろう lady Amazing


今dimension selection





(Tenn) PAZURU ERIA hishimeku boys and girl
(Gaku) Hadena JUURU ugomeku yokubou
(Ryunosuke) Yami ni hisomu wa ayashi no silhouette 
Who are you?

(Gaku) PAZURU kanji kikoeru ashioto
(Ryunosuke) Kōruyouna hotomi wa attention 
(Tenn) Kokishin ni kitsumena approach

(All) Who are you?

Iitaiichi no shōbu dakara makerarenai
(Gaku) Kokyū mo wasurerukurai ni 
(Ryunosuke) Hayaku hayaku mikiwamero yo(All) moving moving moving…

(All) Odorō lady amazing 
Kino no toraware wo tokihanate
Ima dimension selection
Jigen mo koete nozome ba sōmatō

Enryo shiten no? 
Sonna no omaera shikunai 

(Gaku&Ryunosuke) Yakitsukete miroyo hikigane hiku no wa

(Tenn) Sā docchida


(Tenn) Girls and boys crowded in a puzzle area
(Gaku) This jewel brags it's squirming desire
(Ryunosuke) Lying in this dark despair is your suspicious silhouette

(All) Who are you?

(Gaku) A puzzling feeling as I hear your footsteps
(Ryunosuke) Attention frozen into my eyes
(Tenn) Curiously approach
(All) Who are you?

(Tenn) We won't surrender to this 1v1 match
(Gaku) But we might just forget to breath 
(Ryunosuke) Faster and faster let's see this till the end
(All) Moving moving moving...

(All) Lady you dance amazingly 
Release me from yesterday's prison
Now we are in the dimension's section
We are passing through the dimension to challenge the last battle
Are you really holding back so much?
You guys couldn't keep the paradigm
Look at this flame we have started

(Gaku&Ryunosuke) Then now pull the trigger 

(Tenn) So, which will it be? 

Idolish7 songs always get me so hyped for like anything. I think this is by far my favorite Ainana song. I mean just because it’s TRIGGER I already love it, but the tune and theme of it is really addicting to me

My mini rant aside, this song used an English word that is very very uncommon. The word is “paradigm”. I actually had to google the word because I did not understand the meaning of the word. However because the word was used in the song, I could not expel it out of the song. So here is a quick definition of the word, “paradigm” via

I. a set of forms all of which contain a particular element, especially the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme.

a display in fixed arrangement of such a set, as boy, boy’s, boys, boys’.

II. an example serving as a model; pattern.


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